About Linear Systems

Linear SystemLinear Systems in Rancho Cucamonga, Californias was founded in 1988 as a systems software developer, computer manufacturer, and integrator; providing vital solutions at a cost effective price.  Today, Linear Systems is the worldwide leader in technology and market share for digital information management solutions used in Government and Public Safety.  Linear delivers years of expertise and experience in providing completely automated digital information workflow solutions to business and government internationally.  This includes consultation, engineering of customized solutions for specific tasks, creation of associated polices and procedures, implementation of a system of hardware and/or software to accomplish the task, integration into existing systems and operations, training of users, and maintenance of the completed project.

Linear Systems coordinates a team of experts that provide unrivaled systems integration capabilities, training and technical support services for all aspects ofRancho Cucamonga photography and applied digital imaging solutions encompassing both large and small-scale projects. In addition, Linear utilizes advanced software application/interface programmers in combination with our engineering & technical staff to invent, implement, and integrate customized hardware and software solutions for organizations that require security and authentication of critical digital assets. Linear has developed this expertise over its company history and its experience is unparalleled in the area of Digital Information Management.

Facts About Linear:

  • Linear Systems is based in Rancho Cucamonga, California with a satellite office in Nevada, and service covering all fifty states.
  • Linear Systems services and solutions are currently deployed by over 500 Law Enforcement Agencies across the United States.
  • Linear Systems provides state-of-the-art system hardware, software, technology, customization, integration, installation, support, training, maintenance, and upgrades to large federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies with multiple sites and a high volume of assets.
  • Linear Systems manufactures hardware specifically designed to meet law enforcements very demanding performance requirements and chain of custody mandates for digital information management of evidence.
  • The largest implementations of digital asset management for law enforcement utilize the DIMS solution, managing hundreds of millions of digital assets.
  • Linear Systems is the industry leader and has the largest installed base of functioning digital asset management systems in the United States for law enforcement.