Real World Solutions

*Description of ‘business need’ or ‘fit gap’ product solution solved by the expert team at Linear Systems.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority repair of the Rimage software bug and watermarking of video for export:

Linear Systems frequently partners with other manufacturers that provide additional capability for the DIMS solution.  Rimage Corp. manufacturers a DVD/Blu-ray authoring solution that is essential for high volume distribution of evidence on disc to Investigators and Prosecutors. Rimage had a significant “bug” in their software that prevented MBTA from accurately counting the number of discs thatMassachusetts Bay Transportation Authority would be required for output.  Rimage was contacted, thought unfortunantely for Massachusetts Bay, the problem was escalated up to the Senior Engineer.  They acknowledged the “bug” and stated it would probably take a few days to resolve.  Linear required a backup plan for resolving the issue in case their time estimate was not accurate so the Linear Programmers investigated an in-house solution.  Linear rewrote a major portion of code to bypass the Rimage software, creating an ISO image before passing it to the Rimage for authoring and printing.  This solution was created, tested, and implemented at the customer site in approximately five working days.  This is fortunate for MBTA since, after over twenty days, Rimage is still is no closer to a solution then when they started.  This was completely outside the scope of the Linear Systems

Additionally, MBTA requested a very complex and challenging capability for DIMS; to watermark streaming video with their logo and with metadata and then automate the export and chain of custody of this video as evidence.  This project involved hundreds of hours of programming, was accomplished and delivered to MBTA for testing in about a month.  Linear will not charge MBTA for this customization.

Los Angeles Police Department Scientific Investigation Division requirement for “original image without name change”:

LAPD has been utilizing Linear DIMS hardware and software for over seven years for all SID photo operations.  During that time, LAPD has requested approximately twenty-five customizations in the DIMS application and workflow to accommodateSeal_of_the_Los_Angeles_Police_Department their special requirements.  One of the significant challenges was a request to provide an option to allow a change to the DIMS workflow that would prevent renaming of digital assets, forcing the DIMS solution to save the file names as the camera created them. This requirement was based on the remote possibility that SWGIT guidelines could ever be interpreted that changing a file name was “tampering with evidence”.  Linear Programmers worked with LAPD Administrators in creating an optional workflow that met their requirements.  This required an extensive addition of custom code and a significant amount of planning to simplify the execution of the option and minimize network traffic and storage requirements.  Linear provided this functionality in approximately two weeks.  This option was never executed but remains in DIMS as a capability and LAPD was provided this customization for free.

Grand Forks Police transcription customization:

Grand Forks Police Department purchased the DIMS solution in 2013, after numerous online demonstrations, including extensive checking and review of our references. One of the options that the Department decided would be desirable was the option for exporting audio from the DIMS solution to a Clerk/Typist for transcription.  This option was donated to Grand Forks PD with the purchase of their GrandForksPoliceNDDIMS solution.  Upon receiving and installing DIMS, the Clerk/Typist decided that they would prefer to use Olympus software that they previously had been using for transcription, not using the software provided by Linear.  The Lt. called Linear to ask for a quote on how much it would cost to create a direct interface with DIMS for the Olympus transcription software since the new requirement was not in the original scope of work.  Olympus uses a highly proprietary file format and does not offer an API or SDK.  Linear responded that our Software Engineers would evaluate the request but try to accommodate the requirement at no charge. With two hundred and fifty programming hours invested, Linear provided Grand Forks PD the solution, at no charge.  The modified workflow accomplished the requirements of an individual and is working flawlessly.

Denver Police Department customization of DIMS AV:

Denver PD was in the process of evaluating different digital interview room solutions and found that none of the vendors would provide a solution that would meet their specific requirements and the vendors wanted an exorbitant amount of money for a “one-off”.  Linear has been in contact with Denver PD regarding a unique technology called DIMS SRIR provided by Linear for video DenverPoliceenhancement, to be implemented in their Halo Citywide Surveillance system.  Denver PD asked if Linear could provide a solution that was designed and produced to meet the unique requirements for the Department.  Linear met with the Project Director, discussed and designed a customized workflow, then built a hardware and software solution that exactly addresses the Department’s needs.  Because the design specifications dictated a highly integrated, very advanced, feature rich product, DIMS AV became the premier Digital Interview Room Management Solution in the market today.  All of this was created and provided on spec, with no guarantee of funding or purchasing.  Linear is continuing dialog with Denver to add even more capabilities, based on their exceptional design parameters.  The DIMS AV product has been commercialized and Has Been tested, successfully installed, integrated and running flawlessly in several large Agencies with commitments for hundreds of additional rooms.