DIMS Interview & Interrogation Room

Linear DIMS AV Digital Interview Management System DIMS Interview Alex

Linear Systems now offers the Digital Interview Management System that is integrated with DIMS to provide a complete multi-user system with security control, archive solution, and Chain of Custody for interview evidence. The system consists of hardware, software, integration, training, and support with a simple to use operator interface. DIMS AV includes picture in picture, multiple microphone capability, with an independent soundtrack separate from the video and audio for each microphone. The system supports both analog and digital IP cameras and has the capability of 1 room 2 cameras with options up to 4 rooms 3 cameras per system. The DIMS AV System includes RAID 1+0 so all information is fully redundant throughout the whole Chain of Custody. This system interfaces directly with DIMS, Image- Server Viewer, Transcription Module, DIMS AV Labs, and DIMS AV Command.


DIMS AV Remote Viewer Module

DIMS AV Remote Viewer Module was built for real time “remote viewing” of an active interview from any location on the internal network. The remote session can be viewed by Command Staff, Prosecutors, or other Agencies. The remote viewer requires access approval through Active Directory. DIMS AV Remote Viewer logs IP address of the connecting computer(s) plus all users in attendance with an electronic sign in sheet. DIMS Administrators can control the number of concurrent viewing locations to minimize network traffic.

DIMS AV Labs ModuleAV Labs Module

DIMS AV Labs is a video editing application for extraction or redaction of specific video and/or audio clips created by DIMS AV interviews. This function allows an Investigator or Prosecutor to quickly review relevant clips of evidence without having to transfer/copy large files or review many hours of a long interview. A user can switch between multiple cameras or microphones and edit either or both. Additionally, new bookmarks can be attached to important actions and/or existing bookmarks can be annotated. AV Labs automatically reimports all changes and the extracted asset, including log files, back to DIMS once editing has been completed.

DIMS AV Command Module

DIMS AV Command Module

DIMS AV Command is a dashboard application designed to allow interviews from DIMS AV to be stored locally on the DIMS AV system in a standalone environment and/or automatically export those interviews to DIMS ImageServers. AV Command will store XML files to allow searching by case, session, interviewer, observer, or date. AV Command allows local playback and enables a user to review and select which recordings are to be exported to DIMS ImageServer or which are to be stored locally, and allows interviews to be burned to Blu-ray/DVD/CD, copied to a thumbdrive, or deleted. Additionally, AV Command can launch AV Labs to allow editing. AV Command color codes interviews based on the time they have been stored locally, to help preserve recording space.