Disk Authoring Solution

The DIMS CD/DVD Disk Authoring Publishing System provides law enforcement agencies with an integrated, automated system to produce CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs for dissemination and archive of digital information.

Why Use Automation?

With the advent of digital imaging technology as a reality in law enforcement, old-style prints and posters have given way to CDs and large displays. More images are being requested on CDs and DVDs and less are being requested as traditional 4×6 and 8×10 prints that used to be used as displays in hearings and courtrooms. With the demand for high-quality files being produced and burned onto optical media only rising, agencies are hard-pressed to provide prosecutors with the files they need in the time frame they require them in. The DIMS CD/DVD Publishing System, in conjunction with DIMS, empowers your department to:

  • Produce a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray copy of images related to a case, in formats that are compatible with systems and without requiring a proprietary software or codec to decode for presentation, all with the press of a button.
  • Convey the professionalism of your department with a disc clearly stating the date and time the disc is printed, the case/file number, and your own agency’s logo and disclaimer, all thermal printed direct to your disc instead of written in with a marker.
  • Reduce liability and increase accountability by using the very same solution that protects your image, audio and video data — DIMS.
  • Reduce costs of production by eliminating time spent by a technician decoding files and manually burning and labeling CDs.


Image, Audio and Video files are captured and stored in a myriad of proprietary formats that range not only from manufacturer to manufacturer, but from model to model of capture device.  By using DIMS as your system to manage these files, you are not only protecting the integrity of these original files, but you are automatically creating working copies of these files that can be used in industry-accepted open formats.

When providing this vital data to investigators and prosecutors, it is important that you provide them with this data in formats they can understand. With over 500 proprietary still image, audio and video formats all supported under DIMS and converted to open formats, you don’t have to spend the time converting the originals into new files for presentation in tactical sessions and in the court room.

A Profepp-50ssional Image

The standard CD has become a staple for disseminating information in a portable, easily supported manner. But making sure your data gets on the CD isn’t the whole picture — you have to be able to differentiate this CD from others produced.  And in a large agency, that means potentially labelling hundreds of discs per day!

Normal methods of producing CDs and DVDs for investigators and the court room consists of putting the data on a disc and then labeling it with a marker or pen. These discs not only do not look official and are subject to human errors in labeling, but writing on these discs with most markers is extremely dangerous! Most commercial markers used to write on the surfaces of CDs and DVDs are solvent-based and actually begin to eat away at the surface of the disc from the moment you start writing, and can eventually reach the data layer of your disc, destroying the data and requiring you to produce yet another!

Using the DIMS CD/DVD Publishing System, you can produce hundreds of discs every day, each individually numbered and specifying the date and time produced.  Using thermal dye-sublimation direct print technology, this data is indelibly printed directly to your discs surface, and with photographic quality you can also make discs unique to your department with your own template and logo.

Increase Accountability

Burning discs the traditional method requires your technician have direct access to your information and that they manually decode, copy, and burn the data into the CD or DVD they are producing.  But how do you keep track of what images, audio and video data the technician has burned, and protect that sensitive data from becoming the front page story of your local tabloid?

Using the DIMS CD/DVD Publishing System in conjunction with DIMS, every transaction is locked, logged and tracked at the user level, so that no unauthorized access is permitted.  And with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface, you don’t need to open up access to files from sensitive cases to a technician.  Only authorized personnel can access the data, and every action — including viewing and burning the data — is tracked directly in DIMS, providing your agency with a means of control and oversight on your vital digital evidence, and preventing embarrassing leaks.

Reduce Time and Money Spent

Producing CDs and DVDs is normally a manual process that requires someone — usually a technician or other skilled staff — to locate the data, process it into standard formats, copy it to a location for authoring, burn to a data disc, and labeling that disc.  With DIMS and the DIMS CD/DVD Publishing System, you simply locate the case you want, click a button, and select CD or DVD format and your disc is produced automatically, without needing a technical skillset or a lot of your precious time.