Interrogation Management

The DIMS Digital Interview Room Management System was designed by the expert developers at Linear Systems to make detectives more effective during interviews. The DIMS Digital Interview Room Management System is a complete digital interview recording solution, which preserves and manages potential evidence obtained during the interview process.  By digitally equipping interview rooms and fully automating the process of acquiring and managing the audio and video, investigators can focus on the task at hand: solving cases and convicting criminals; not operating an Interview Recording System. For this reason, DIMS Digital Interview Room Management System was designed specifically for ease of use. Digitally equipping your agency’s interview rooms provides these benefits: 1. Protecting you and your detectives from claims of misconduct, coercion, or abuse during interviews. 2. Allowing your detectives to focus on the interview, not taking notes. 3. Allowing jury members to see exactly how the suspect responded during the interview process. 4. Equipping the rooms with a DIMS Digital Interview System further benefits your agency by:

  • Creating crystal-clear recordings, both video and audio, of the police interview.
  • Providing the ability to record a separate audio track. Great for the transcribers!
  • Enabling other investigators to discreetly prompt the interviewer with email or text messages while the interview is ongoing, without interrupting the interview’s flow.
  • Allowing an investigator to place “flags” in the interview, during the interview, without notice to the suspect.
  • Allowing investigators to place written notes into the recording either during or after the interview.
  • Providing search functions to seek out specific words or phrases in the notes, or search for flags that were inserted during the interview process.
  • Simultaneously, yet independently, recording to the systems hard drive and a DVD.
  • Allowing for the creation of a DVD with notes and flags after the interview is complete.

DIMS integration further automates the process of management.  DIMS Interview Management System can acquire and manage the authentication and chain of custody of the entire interviews video and audio, portions of the video, or even the separate audio files created by the Interview Management System.  The DIMS ImageServer provides a complete database, centralized, redundant storage, and provides immediate access to the information by authorized individuals. The DIMS Interview Management System ensures the complete implementation and enforcement of an agency’s policy and procedures, optimizes communication, increases efficiency, reduces liability, and eliminates challenges to data authenticity and agency credibility.

Other Information:

  • Complete cost effective digital interview room solution
  • Very easy to use DIMS interface with advanced options
  • DIMS Stations & software with cameras & microphones
  • Digital or analog cameras; covert or overt, fixed or PTZ
  • HDTV, megapixel, or CCTV with H.264 & MPEG stream
  • 1-6 rooms per DIMS Station with 1-3 cameras per room
  • Picture in picture with bookmark, note, & clip capability
  • Video with audio & separate audio channel
  • Audio levels indicator & visual notification of no data
  • Real-time viewing of interviews on ImageServer Viewer
  • Automatically exports videos to DIMS ImageServer
  • Directly integrated with DIMS for full chain of custody

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