DIMS ImageServer II Announcement

November 1, 2016

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

(Linear Systems Inc.)  Linear Systems is preparing to release a full version upgrade for DIMS ImageServer, which has been in design and development for over five years.  This release is designed to encompass most requests that Linear Systems Management, Programming Staff, and Technical Services have logged for from existing and potential clients as customized options, feature requests and “it would be nice if’s…” that were outside the capability of the former programming language of the current ImageServer program.  Although DIMS has been an extremely successful, secure, and easy to use application, Linear Systems has incorporated significant performance enhancements and major security upgrades to better serve end users and Administrators even though DIMS ImageServer is one of the most secure and hardened software applications in any Agency.  The software upgrade will harden the user and Administrator interface and processing in order to improve error trapping and automatic correction of network, processing, and user interaction problems and eliminate problems associated with Oracle JAVA updates.

Increased reporting capabilities and new Administrator tools will be included in the upgrade.  Since many of our Agencies have reached in excess of 50 million assets in DIMS, a complete redesign of the database and DIMS Transport Service has been implemented in order to handle even larger data sets due to requests from Agencies for acquisition and storage of evidence from additional devices like body worn cameras, in-car video, and interrogation rooms.  This will be coupled with decreased search and processing times which translate to a 10x performance increase.  Because of the enhancements and optimization in the software code, utilizing a more modular structure, Linear Systems will be able to reduce development time for feature requests and modifications.

The new DIMS ImageServer 2 is anticipated to be rolled out to select sites within the next 90 + days so it is not years away.  Finally the best is saved for last; this new version is available to current DIMS ImageServer partners at no charge.

Please contact Linear for more details on features, for demonstrations, or an upgrade appointment.