DIMS Hardware

Linear Server Solutions:

The DIMS ImageServer product line includes 3 form factors, designed to match any agency’s needs. At the core of the ImageServer product is our non-proprietary database indexing service, providing agencies of all sizes a central location for accessing site-wide data archives. Every ImageServer comes with a robust web interface which can be configured to allow both internal and external access to an agency’s repository of data, allowing information to be shared quickly and securely. This is all manageable through the web interface’s administrative back-end, where user rights and permissions can be configured by an on-site administrator. Active directory and other LDAP based authentication systems are also supported as authentication mechanisms.

Pedastal (Tower) ImageServer:DIMS Rack #2 01 white

  • Low profile entry level version of the ImageServer solution.
  • Scalable to a multi-terabyte solution.

Rack-mount ImageServer:

  • Mid level ImageServer solution.
  • Easily scaled to 100+ terabytes.
  • Rack systems form factor for easy integration into existing data center infrastructure.

Enterprise ImageServer:

  • Our top tier offering.
  • Scalable to 100+ terabytes.
  • Ship with Dual Socket processors and up to 32GB of RAM based on consumers needs.

All the above configurations are fully customizable to the needs of the client at the time of purchase




Linear Power Workstation:

Linear DIMS Enhanced Workstation
Linear DIMS Enhanced Workstation (Power Workstation)

The DIMS Acquisition and Enhancement Workstation is the thoroughbred of the DIMS desktop solution. Able to act as a standard DIMS acquire station or as an imaging workstation, this system uses the Intel Core i7 based processor to breeze through your image production and analysis needs. Equipped with an add-on graphics card this system raises the bar for both imaging and intensive video processing tasks.

Available with any of the following software suites:

  • DIMS Crime Lab
  • Adobe Suite of products
  • VideoFOCUS Pro


Linear Acquire Workstation:

DIMS Enhanced Acquisition Station
Linear Systems DIMS Enhanced Acquisition Station

At the heart of the DIMS solution is the #LS-125 Acquire station: designed for moving data from any digital media capture device into the DIMS solution. Essential for digital evidence management storage & constructed from the ground up by our technical staff to minimize the time spent performing these somewhat time consuming tasks. The internal hardware for the #LS-125 is designed around the latest Intel Core family of processors and has a multitude of configuration options available to consumers. Available in both a DIMS only Kiosk version, as well as a general purpose DIMS centric desktop.