DIMS CrimeLab – Enhancement & Comparative Analysis

CrimeLab screenDIMS CrimeLab is a versatile evidence enhancement & comparative analysis tool designed specifically for Law-Enforcement Crime and Photography labs. Currently this program can only be used with import from the DIMS2 Command Console!

The Film Strip Viewer allows you to see all of the images you have exported into DIMS CrimeLab in a thumbnail view. You can select two images at a time for side by side comparison.

The DIMS CrimeLab Module now features a high dynamic range algorithm developed by programmers at Linear Systems to allow for detailed fingerprint extraction and analysis of valuable information, not attainable by any other means. This information can be extracted from scans of film images (cold cases) or digital files.This HDR algorithm will be available only from Linear Systems.

  • Comparative Analysis for forensic evidence
  • Fingerprint, palmprint, tire track, bite mark, shoe impression, toolmark, firearm, and others
  • Side-by-side comparison with charting
  • Customized SWGIT compliant classification reporting
  • Advanced audit trail with multi-track branching
  • Advanced filters including FFT & background removal
  • Linear supplies all formulas/equations for filters
  • Bi-directional integration with many LIMS
  • Directly integrated with DIMS for full chain of custody