Technology for Law Enforcement

What We Do:

Linear Systems has provided solutions for complex chain of custody and digital evidence management requirements in a 24/7/365 environment for more than 25 years. Any loss of digital evidence would be catastrophic to an agency’s reputation. Everything that the DIMS solution provides is absolutely “Mission Critical” to the everyday operations of a Police or Sheriff’s Department and successful investigation, capture, and prosecution of criminals is directly dependent on the systems that we provide. The solution was designed for large agency implementation and that coupled with the scalability, supportability, and affordability has been a major reason hundreds of departments choose Linear for their Digital Evidence and Interview Management needs.

Digital Evidence Management Solution:

The DIMS (Digital Information Management System) manages the acquisition of digital images/video in a policies-compliant manner, to a system that can handle images, audio, and video from a plethora of sources and then provide secure controlled access to those assets throughout a department. This accomplished while maintaining a complete chain of evidence with intricate detail tracking yet the system is fully customizable to the needs of each specific department.

DIMS Body Worn Back End Management Solution:

Because of the recent trend in Law Enforcement toward the use of Body Worn prd_3182703__0813-pinnacle-134Cameras there is an increased need for a management solution for complete chain of custody that must include acquisition to archive, and from crime scene to court room. The DIMS Body Worn Back End Management Systems is designed to manage large volumes of data that is evidence, incidents, or just data that needs to be stored then deleted when the period for retention is reached.  A significant advantage to DIMS is the ability to have a single solution, application interface, secure redundant storage, distribution, and workflow that can manage many different types of evidence from multiple Specialized Units within the Department instead of many disparate systems.

Interview/Interrogation Management Solution:

The DIMS Digital Interview Room Management System is a complete digital interview recording solution, which preserves and manages potential evidence obtained during the interview process.  By digitally equipping interview rooms and fully automating the process of acquiring and managing the audio and video, investigators can focus on the task at hand: solving cases and convicting criminals.

The only solutions available that comes with the following:

  • Acquisition and distribution of digital photos, digital video, and digital audio without per-user licensing fees.
  • A complete “turnkey” system boasting digital imaging, audio and video acquisition, enhancement and media storage/retrieval. *Includes both hardware and software.
  • Non-proprietary file formats which allow simple, seamless integration with other database applications. This ensures that an agency will have no loss of data, and will not have to pay for data conversion should it migrate to or add a different management program.


Linear Systems mandate has been, and always will be, to always exceed our customer’s expectations. If you are a current client and we have failed this in any way please Contact Us so we can redouble our efforts. If you are a potential client feel free to Contact Us for an extensive list of references and learn why Linear Systems has a 99%+ satisfaction rate!

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